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“I work for an airline and everyday people ask how I keep my teeth so white. ProSmileUSATM is perfect for me.”
-A. Jenkins

“We started whitening for our wedding two years ago and we like knowing that we always have bleaching gel and trays when we need it.”
-S. McNeil

"Thanks to ProSmileUSATM, my teeth have gotten 6 to 8 shades whiter. The Lab Direct Service is the most amazing system I have seen. You have delivered everything you promised just as you said you would. It was very easy to use, in a time and money-saving package.”
-K. Akalp of Chicago, IL

"ProSmileUSATM is fantastic! It is everything anyone would need to properly achieve and maintain professionally bright white teeth all with in one package. Not only do you get maximum strength bleaching gel, you can actually see your results in just 1 day! They can even give you specific tips and recommendations to maintain your whitening for years to come. ProSmileUSATM is like having your own professional image consultant service at your beck and call for pennies on the dollar!"
-T. Clark of Los Angeles, CA

"As my shades of whitening increased in the major way, my level of confidence rose significantly. It was really nice to receive compliments on my teeth especially because I had always been very self conscious about the color of my teeth. I just wish I had my teeth professionally whitened at a much younger age but did not because it was just not affordable."
- T. Welch of New York City, NY

"I want to thank you. I spent a long time trying to find a really good deal on professional teeth whitening. I saved a lot of money and got the results I was looking for. I love it!" -V. Garner of Martin, TN

"ProSmileUSATM is probably the best deal I've found on the net ever! I am a very happy customer!"
-J. Shelton of Troy, AL

"I just have to tell you, the ProSmileUSATM service works! I purchased your system just a few days ago, and have already gone to 3 shades whiter. If there is one thing I would advise any of your clients, whether it's for a personal improvement or professional enhancement, it would be to choose the ProSmileUSATM process. It works dramatically. Thank you for your fine service."
- J. Fernandez of Chicago, IL

"I just received the ProSmileUSATM System. I followed the instructions and had no problems. It's a great package. I performed my first bleaching within two hours after I received my gel and I can already tell it's going to work. Thank you very much!"
- K. Sangwon

"I read through your instructions on what to do and found it very useful easy to follow. I really appreciate your ‘FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY’. The real potential for your system and service is wonderful."
- Mark of Houston, TX

“It’s an extremely critical part of doing all you can look your very best and for my line of work that's important. The ProSmileUSATM System helps me to achieve that. "
- M. Harris-Smith of San Diego, CA

"Congratulations on a terrific teeth whitening process! It was money well spent, and so far we both are very pleased."
- The Kershners of San Jose, CA

"I want you to know what a perfect process I think ProSmile is! It is just what I've been looking for. I write a free monthly newsletter with a subscriber base of slightly over 3000. After seeing my results, I sent an e-mail to all of them. Although I usually include a free fashion tips selection in each edition, ProSmileUSATM is such a powerful solution for many them and I will be including the link to it in the November publication. Thank you for developing such a wonderful system that works!"
- Kim of Indianapolis, IN

"I've just started using your very impressive professional teeth whitening service. It looks like I will save hundreds of dollars by not using my dentist for the exact same process."
- P. Nicholson of Bowling Green, KY

"Taking great pride in being a professional Image Consultant always meant giving my customers the upper hand (or edge) on their competitors. It wasn't until I used ProSmileUSATM that they got the only 'edge' I missed. Our customers couldn't be happier."
- C. Downer of Jacksonville, FL

"I was getting married and wanted to get my teeth professionally whitened before my wedding day. The closest price I could find in my area was close to $500 so I was excited to be able to get your system for much less. You can definitely tell the difference in our wedding pictures and I am glad to be a client of ProSmileUSATM!"
- L. Zhou of Grand Junction, CO

"My confidence has risen and I smile much more."
- B. Currey of Columbus, OH

"I've been bleaching my teeth for 3 years now using ProSmileUSATM and I love it."
- TG of Austin, TX

"My teeth are naturally yellowish and now they are noticeably whiter after using ProSmileUSATM. My family notices and now they are going to use the system. I have been using the system for 60 days and counting. My teeth even stay cleaner longer, feeling smooth as glass with fresh breath!"
- Grandi B. of Baltimore, MD

"My teeth were a deep yellow a couple of years ago when I decided to do something about it. I felt that I couldn't justify the expense of paying a dental technician so I skeptically tried ProSmileUSATM. Over the next month my teeth got whiter and whiter and didn't hurt my teeth at all."
- Jeanie L. of Charlotte, NC

"I was considering laser bleaching, but the cost would have put me on the street. Everyone has noticed my teeth, and my last dental checkup yielded no cavities and my gums were much healthier. There was no staining my teeth, and my breath is fresher. No comment from my dentist or hygienist, but I know they were wondering. I do one hour a week to maintain the whiteness."
- Anne of El Paso, TX

"I made the impressions following the directions, sent that off and received my whitening kit just in the time that they said. I began using the gel and personally saw the difference within 3 days!"
- C. Pigh of Milwaukee, WI

"I was hesitant to order over the web, but knowing that the same gel that my dentist was going to charge me $400 for, was also available for $89, made the decision for me. Thank you!"
- Jorge M. of Austin, TX

"ProSmileUSATM is easy to use and effective. You have saved me a lot of money and I have stored your web address as a favorite, because I know I will come back."
- Gina O. of Seattle, WA

"I ordered your gel off the internet and it arrived in three days. I started immediately and the results were phenomenal. I got a lot of comments from people at work about how pretty my teeth were, so I smile a lot more now!"
- Bob K. of Boston, MA

"I spent $99 and feel like I have had a million dollar makeover."
- Barbara of Denver, CO

“Since using ProSmileUSATM my sales have increased. I smile more and have more confidence which my customers respond to."
- Garrett C. of Louisville, KY

"Thanks to your Lab Direct service I can purchase the gel I need to keep my smile white without breaking the bank."
- Gloria G. of Nashville, TN

"My friend had her teeth whitened at the dentist and I used your system. Guess what? My teeth are whiter and I saved hundreds."
- Terri of Las Vegas, NV

"Since using ProSmileUSATM to whiten my teeth I really notice other people's smiles and wonder why everyone hasn't done this!"
- J. Pearl of Portland, OR